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Finance your Future

Why tap into your valuable savings or approach your bank for a line of credit when it can be so much easier and inexpensive? Financing Furniture to make your Ugly Motel beautiful is as easy as an email below. 


Program Highlights

Same Day Financing Available

• Transaction finance ranging from $2,500 to $5,000,000 (multiple financing products) 

• $0 down with deferred payments for 90 days, 12 to 60 month terms available. o Additional customized payment structures such as seasonal, step-up, and step-down configurations are available to optimize offering rate. 

• Rates starting at 3.325% with section 179 of the IRS tax code, your CPA will also credit your tax return for payments made ultimately lowering your overall interest in the 2’s. 

• Loans and net leases with No Pre-Payment Penalty charges at payoff. 

• Quick turnaround times including Same-Day Credit Decisions upon receipt of signed transaction summary and Same-Day Funding upon receipt of required documentation. 

• Simple contracts with no hidden fees, renewal clauses, or force-placed insurance.


• Applicants with 650+ credit scores and new business owners are welcome. 

• Competitive rates and flexible finance structures. See our Section 179 Financing Calculator to run example transaction scenarios to calculate payment, cash savings and interest rate! 

• DocuSign for quick and easy turnaround of transaction documentation. 

• No vendor deposits required to get started. All required vendor payments will be paid by Underwriting on the customer’s behalf. 

❖ Additional FF&E items desired to be included in the financing package are welcome. o Simply include all vendor quotes when emailing back the signed credit application.


Why Lease Financing?


• It is an effective alternative to paying cash or using bank credit lines • Lease financing preserves working capital 

• It is a proven way to increase sales by offering a low-cost-of-acquisition • The value of equipment is in its use – not its ownership 

• Lease financing facilitates the sales/closing process and funding • Low rates help customers utilize the equipment/asset they need to remain  competitive 

• It is an easy way to upgrade critical equipment and software during the  contract term 

• Our lease financing programs deliver 2-4 hour credit decisions

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