Changed around website

Ok, so we changed around the website so that it works better and does not function, as my wife put it, as a messy example of how my brain works.

Some quick timeline updates:

1st week of December: Rush to get doors prepped and painted, to get all work creating dust to be complete and to clean up the windows before its crazy cold.

December 7th: New RFID door locks come in

2nd Week of December: Visit from corporate to check progress.

3rd Week of December: Finish exterior stuff as much as possible, try to get done everything before the snow gets bad. Hopefully, all siding painting. Hopefully have hotel up to bare min standards. I have a feeling we might have to help provide rooms for the city if pandemic gets worse, so although we want everything pretty, we will be trying to get our hotel functional again as well.

December 21st: End of the world

December 22: If everything goes well, the world doesn’t end, and we have been able to make enough progress then hopefully a reinspection of the building?

The goal will be to open in phases even after we get a certificate of compliance.

Phase 1: Rent out annex to monthly guests

Phase 2: Rent out exterior of hotel. (no longer accepting monthlies in this section)

Phase 3: (a ways down the road) Open interior of hotel with functional pool.

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