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Fin 101- Stupid questions you want to ask but dont

House Hacking

1) house hacking

a. Buy a house

b. Renovate if needed

c. Rent out the rooms

d. Repeat

Here are some other ideas I was thinking of doing shorts on. Ill Finish 3 at a time I think then upload to youtube. So if your following me on FB or here youll probably see first. Then Ill cluster upload to Youtube or tiktok.

Let me know if you have any "stupid questions" (I ask them daily to people) or let me know if I should do these in a specific order.


1) I bought a hotel at 25

*check out youtube channel the ugly motel

  1. a. I did that through:

    1. Bought first house at 18 - house hacking

    2. Bought second house at 22 -house hacked

    3. Bought a 4plex and another house a month before my wedding/ before I graduated college in 2013

    4. Bought a hotel in 2013 by putting all my properties as collateral and using a personal guarantee.

    5. Decided I would succeed or die trying. Almost died several Times

2) house hacking

a. Buy a house

b. Renovate if needed

c. Rent out the rooms

d. Repeat

3) Buy A house

a. You don’t need 20% down to buy a house

b. You first house is not your last house

c. If your younger buy a house you feel can househack/ put some sweat equity into or rent out when you upgrade using the hermit crab method.

d. Buy in an up and coming neighborhood where other investors are buying

4) Buy a house with no money down

a. Va loan- thank you veterans

b. Buy below market value. Reach out to me if you want to buy something for 80% of what it will appraise for. Use wholeseller

c. Hard money loan then refinance- reach out to me

d. Owner finance/ land lease/ owner carry

e. Agree with seller to issue a credit. Repay a hard money loan or CC at closing

f. Use equity of another property

g. For investment properties, use investor for down payment (in hotel world you’re a managing partner).

h. Fully fund with investor money, your managing partner.

i. BRRRR- contact me for money today


a. Buy

b. Reno

c. Rent

d. Refi

e. Repeat

6) Property wholeseller

a. Can be very annoying if you’re the one with the ugly property

b. They bug every landlord on city hit list with low ball offers

c. Some people never wanted to be a landlord to begin with

d. Some people are burned out

e. They make a contract to get it sold at a certain price then reach out to me to buy the property.

f. I then BRRRR it

7) Line of credit

8) Hard money

9) Should you rent to yourself

10) Why start with ugly houses

11) How does hard money work vs 80 LTV & 100% rehab


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