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Hotel Opening a Week Away | Renovation Problem

With the hotel's targeted opening date a week away, all the last minute things that seemed trivial to the renovation project suddenly become a big problem. What do you do when your linen company goes under?

Have you ever set a goal to high and stressed yourself out to the point that you feel like your trapped? Eh, me neither…but if I had set too lofty of a goal and I had pushed everyone to an opening date that was just a hair sooner than it should happen, then I might feel like the world was falling around me and I was going broke. Good thing nothing like that ever happens to me.

So the update you get here that you don’t get from the video is that the Annex building currently has 7 active applications with several phone calls that went to the property manager. And about 30 looky looks who reached out but left no contract information.

------Btw if your looking for a studio apartment in Lincoln Nebraska near east campus your welcome to reach out to Ali from 4 corners property management. 402-963-4466 or email her at -----

About this video update on the hotel:

1) The Linen company I have used for years and LOVED has been sold, after a chaotic couple years and a fire Tom is ready for retirement.

2) I don’t have enough lamps for all the rooms

3) I’m going to Georgia to buy vanities and lamps and to teach you how to finance your hotel remodel with an awesome video.

If your reading my blog instead of just watching the videos my guess is your interested in other random information about the remodel of our holidome in Lincoln Nebraska. I think you can subscribe to these blogs. I’d love to have feedback on what people are interested in seeing.

I know I need to finish my mini series on how to finance a hotel, but no one actually was watching them. Anyhow heres a transcript of the video like everyone else does:

The renovation is going great.

The problem is all the little things in between. We're not gonna open up this month. I don't have any lamps. My linen company has burned down and sold the company. I loved them. Great company, always made sure that our things were freshly pressed, even though we were not the creme de LA creme. And we got Hampton in style linnen.

I have to find another linen company like that in Lincoln. If you guys know of anyone, leave a comment down below, I appreciate it. Also, I have no lamps. So it turns out, out of the entire hotel, out of all the lamps I had, I'm not happy with any of them, but I do have a friend that has a Hampton Inn in Georgia who offered to sell all of his labs at an insane, great price.

The only thing is like kind of a little sidetracked. And now we're talking about buying vanaties.

Now you might say, just wait till we're cash flowing. Yes. That makes sense, Business-wise.

However he's offering to sell me the vanities at such great deal that if I finance them, I will never be able to get a deal like this again.

So it's one of those I have to make one of those really quick decisions. And I think I'm going to do it.

I think on Sunday I'm going to Georgia and I think I'm going to be buying these vanities.

So it's a lot of chaos and I guess it's a long-winded way of saying, I don't think we're going to open up in February, even though it'd probably be, it'd probably make the most sense to make sure we're ready for March madness (unless I find a linen company)

And unless I get all the lamps there, which I guess I could, I could make it work, but I also have a baby that's due at the end of February, a lot of things to juggle. Anyhow, that's a quick update on what's going on with the hotel. The rooms are done. I'll do a video walk through properly when the beds are made up and it looks great.

Um, you get the idea it's the same as before, but now the tiles are on the wall. Stay tuned. I'll, I'll be posting a video on how to finance these lamps and vanities. I'll be posting a video of. My trip to Georgia. I'm sure. Because, you know, that's always fun if we're actually going to open up on the second, I'm kind of thinking I'm leaning towards now.

Now I do have the entire staff standing by. So that's the other thing too. I was able to hire everybody, which is awesome, but not officially hire them, you know, but I have people that are willing to stand by. So do I lose by one shot to open up? Can I, can I do all things? I mean, I do like challenges, but at a certain point there's a diminishing level of.

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