September week 2 update


For all the contractors, businesses and individuals calling and messaging me about apartments, I appreciate your patronage. We are getting close but will still need to pass inspections next week. Here is an update of what's going on:

80% of plumbing upgrade completed. Upstairs annex passed. We are installing shower surrounds and putting those back together. Ill post a video on this next week.

Waiting on a part to arrive Wednesday for first floor.

Electrical wiring has been run.

Drywall is going back up today in Upstairs rooms.

No actual move in date is known. Trust me when I have a date I will have a very happy video about it.

Stay warm Lincoln

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Ok so obviously haven’t been blogging as much as I should, after all the majority of what I'm doing is renovating a hotel...trying to build a YouTube channel and navigate the apocalypse that is 2020.

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This hotel remodel and hotel renovation show is the best thing to come out of hotels in Lincoln Ne since the husker football games.