Week of Sept 7th


We passed the 2nd floor plumbing inspection!

We will soon have all new plumbing in annex

Still need to have final inspection with city. After everything is done. We will be going through the check list line by line. 


About Us

I bought the hotel in 2013 at 25 years old. I didnt realize it would lose money month over month for years. Let alone the neglected maintenance. 

In 2019 we finally started making a profit. It was also the year we moved to St. Louis, started losing feeling in my hands and had a surprise addition to the family. 

In 2020, we saved up enough money to begin renovations, we also found out I needed immediate surgery, and the city decided they were tired of waiting for me to fix the hotel. 

Now the pressure is on. Fresh off spinal surgery recovery we started a 60 day renovation of our Annex building, finnally landed a deal with Wyndham to be taken on board as a travel lodge, and lost our biggest source of income (our long term guests) to renovate the hotel. 2020 has been an interesting year. Hopefully everything is happening for the best. :)

New door locks expected to arrive next week for hotel.


Our new RFID door locks are scheduled to arrive next week for the hotel. They will be proffessionally installed. 

Once those are done, we still have the major remodel on hotel to get to Travel lodge standards. But our biggest frustration will finally be solved. 


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