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This website,, Is a landing site for our youtube videos on hotel remodeling, hotel renovation and hotel maintenance.  Besides being just an easy way to our youtube channel, it also integrates our instagram pictures, blog and  our merchandise for the ugly motel.

"The Ugly Motel" is a hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are currently undergoing renovation and remodel during the 2020/21 pandemic. As we remodel this old Holidome, we are documenting the whole thing on YouYube - while

trying not to lose our shirt! Soon it will be the Best Hotels in Lincoln Nebraska and Hotels in Lincoln NE.

Why not knock down the hotel and build new you might ask? This hotel is an important part of
the history of Lincoln, Ne. Terms of Endearment was filmed at this hotel back in its prime. 

In short, this property has alot of potential. And since we have done over 1.5 million in renovations at this point, one could say that we are kind of invested.