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After the Storm: Transforming The Ugly Motel in Tornado Hit Lincoln, Nebraska

After the Storm: Transforming The Ugly Motel in Tornado Hit Lincoln, Nebraska

We witness a unique challenge: a tornado swirling in the background of our Hotel in Lincoln Nebraska as we tackle major renovations! This dramatic setting perfectly symbolizes the unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship and property investment. We're stripping away the old 80s-style glass façade, transforming it into something that screams efficiency rather than a greenhouse. It's all part of redefining what a motel can look like, with a focus on practicality and cost-effectiveness—a crucial lesson for any entrepreneur. The past years have been a whirlwind of activity, from starting new ventures like our U-Haul rental service to dealing with extreme weather events—each presenting its own set of trials and opportunities for growth. In just the past 72 hours, we've invested $30,000 in our skilled game lounge, emphasizing the real costs and returns involved in Lincoln business management. We're also saving some of the original materials, like the massive sheets of glass valued at $400 each, demonstrating the importance of resourcefulness in business. These are the kinds of insights we dive into, showing you the real impact of strategic investment and innovation. Stay tuned as we continue to navigate through business chaos, sharing tips and tricks that are invaluable for any entrepreneur or small business owner looking to make a mark. Expect more updates on the different businesses we've started and the chaos that ensues. Please like and subscribe for more insights on entrepreneurship, investment, and turning chaos into opportunity at The Ugly Motel. 00:00 Tornado Lincoln Nebraska 00:17 Introduction 00:58 Tornados, ninjas and flooding 01:29 walk through of skilled game lobby 01:58 Outside hallway Removing glass 02:55 Testing Safety Glass
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