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To Georgia for Lamps | Financing Hotel Furniture

I’m head to Georgia to show you how easy it is to finance hotel furniture and how this easy money can be stretched even further by buying furniture from hotel liquidations. At least that’s what I though this video was going to be about. I did drive to Georgia, I did find some great hotel furniture that would work perfectly in my hotel rooms, the problem is the furniture won’t be ready for another couple months. And unfortunately, saving a few thousand dollars on lamps isn’t worth loosing tens of thousands of dollars by not having the hotel open.

If you are interested in financing furniture, just send me a message on my main website, and I will get you in touch with my finance partner.

My goal is to share all the resources I am learning about through this journey and hopefully save you from a random trip to Georgia by learning from my mistakes and adventures.

on the way to Georgia to get some my furniture, I guess my question would be, why the heck am I going to Georgia to buy a used lamps? They're really going to save that much money. The answer is surprisingly. Yes, it's the lamps that I like are $67 each and I would need three of them per row. So that's a, like 180, $190.

And through this deal, I'm going to get that have same utility. They, they provide light. They have a little plug things that I need. They're $10 a piece and it makes for a really good video. on how tofinance furniture.

Okay. And here's what actually matters. The desk clamp has two outlets built right into the lamp and the color's relatively neutral.

Technically, all I really need is the lamps, but you can't help. But look at the other things you need, like new vanities. Okay. So these lamps are going to work great. And the vanities are a huge cherry on top. If you're interested in finding out how to finance furniture like this, so you're spending 500 bucks a month for it over three years instead of $10,000.

Be sure to stay tuned to the end. I'm going to be talking about that. But I figured since I'm here, Atlanta, Georgia might as well talk to the owner and figure out how he got started in the Hampton Inn and why he was able to start there instead of with an ugly motel.

So that's a frustrating conclusion to my road trip, 16 hours wasted. The property owner basically said that he's not able to show me the, or is not able to send me the lamps until April, which does not work because I need to open up before then the vanities he's more than welcome. He's more than happy to some of the vanities now, which.

Yeah, I liked the vanities. They're great. But the one that I was able to see, looked like this. And then after an hour of waiting to see the rest of them, it just, I got frustrated. I left so 16 hours wasted.

If that is not the most chaotic ending to. A a road trip. I don't know what it is. I called the guy ahead of time to make sure he had everything that we wanted.

Ready for me to take home. Obviously the whole thing was a disappointment, so that's too bad, but I figure you might as well. See what goes on behind the scenes, like trying to remodel this massive chaos, trying to go for furniture, trying to go for lamps. Doesn't always work out whatever, but I just thought it was a really interesting end of the video.

We intend, we intended to go down there to get the lamps so we can open. And now it looks like I'll probably be buying the the lamps from Sysco guest supply. Which is what I wanted to begin with. So I guess it's not like a loss, it's just, it's going to cost a lot more money, which when you're trying to pinch pennies and stretch dollars it's frustrating what doesn't go the way you want it to.

But, that's the reality of life and if you're an entrepreneur you're used to having to make things work, you're used to having to pivot. And you're used to having to figure out this or that. So thanks for joining me in my short trip to Jordan. And if you liked this kind of stuff, if you're interested in buying your owning a hotel you can check out our remodel.

I am touching on other stuff. And with that in mind, I can still help you with financing if you'd like to reach out on the ugly, just send me a message and we can get your same-day financing. If you guys have questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section. Be sure to like, and subscribe.

Thanks. Bye.

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